The Unmissable Things to Do in Coronado, CA

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The Unmissable Things to Do in Coronado, CA

Are you looking forward to your upcoming trip to Coronado, CA? 

There’s so much to do up and down the coast, and Coronado is a stone’s throw to other awesome California locations like La Jolla and San Diego. It’s an ideal place to spend a vacation in California!

If you’re wondering what to do while you’re on your trip, we have a few tips for must-see things to do in Coronado. Keep reading for our favorites!

Learn to Surf

Have you always wanted to learn how to ride the waves? Surfers have an aura of “cool,” and many people want to get in on it! It seems scary at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s the perfect summer pastime. 

Lucky for you, you can learn to surf in Coronado

Take surfing lessons from the experts at the Coronado surf academy! They can guide beginners through the early stages of surfing, so they know how to get in the water safely.

If you feel confident, rent a board and a wetsuit and try it out on your own.

If surfing feels too scary, you can try another trending water activity: SUP. SUP stands for stand-up paddleboarding. It’s similar to surfing, but you stay on calm water and use a paddle to move. 

Hit the Local Shops

While you’re on your trip, why not pick up a few gifts and trinkets? 

Orange Ave is a hotspot for small businesses. You can find clothing, decorations, books, and all kinds of objects that you’ll want to bring home with you. 

Supporting local Coronado businesses is a great way to spend part of your holiday in California! You help the economy, and you get to take home some unique items!

Go Jet Skiing 

When you’re ready to get some serious speed and beat the summer heat, why not rent a jet ski?

These speedy little watercraft are ready to go. They can hit 40 mph, and they have an easy enough learning curve for anyone to give them a try. You can get between Coronado and San Diego with ease!

Some places even allow jet ski parking. It’s more fun than rideshare, and it’s better than driving. Don’t forget your life vest! 

Eat Around the City

If you’re like us, you want to hit every food spot when you’re on vacation. Why not take a food tour around the city?

You can hire a guide for your tour if you want something structured, or you can create a map on your own for walkable restaurants. Pick up snacks, desserts, and meals while you take in the sights of Coronado. 

Are You Ready for Your Trip to Coronado, CA?

Have you packed your bags? Be sure to bring a swimsuit, some summer-friendly clothing, and sunscreen. A trip to Coronado, CA, means that you’ll be having fun in the sun!

So where are you going to stay? 

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