4 Outdoor Activities in San Diego for the Whole Family

4 Outdoor Activities in San Diego for the Whole Family

You and your family have been inside of the house for far too long. While trying to play your role in stifling the spread was admirable, you’re way too adventurous to stay closed up behind four walls forever. Going on a vacation is the perfect way to get on the road and see new things. The challenge is that a lot of attractions involve being around people…and that means risking the chance of catching Covid-19.

If this is the type of dilemma on your mind, you should consider trying outdoor activities in San Diego! Being outdoors is an effective way to avoid being around a large crowd, and San Diego has a lot of incredibly fun things for you and your family to enjoy. This article offers a short list of some of the most popular outdoor activities you can take on during your great San Diego escape. Read on to learn more!

1. Go to the Beach

Did you honestly expect this list of activities to not include a walk on the shores? The beaches of San Diego are known worldwide for their cleanliness, their beautiful wide expanse, and most of all, for the fun! You can go swimming, walking, playing in the sand, or just relaxing on the shores – it’s totally up to you!

2. See the Cabrillo National Monument

The Cabrillo National Monument is a must-see for any first-time vacationer. This beautiful site, located on the cliffs of Pt. Loma, gives you an incredible view of San Diego Bay, Downtown, and the mountain range on the horizon.

3. Check out the world-renowned Birch Aquarium

At the Birch Aquarium you can experience the ocean world and learn what it takes to explore and understand the planet. Great trip for the family.

4. Ride Your Bike Along the Coast

Who doesn’t love a scenic bike ride? In San Diego, there’s plenty of space for you and your family to ride bikes along the coast, with miles of bike trails covering its expanse. Get ready for an all-day adventure with beautiful scenery along the route!

Enjoy These Outdoor Activities in San Diego

There are plenty of outdoor activities in San Diego to keep you and your family busy and full of enjoyment! Before you start getting ready for the trip, however, you’re going to want to make sure you’ve secured a place to stay. No need to panic; we’ve got you covered.

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